Terms of reference

The terms of reference outlines the approach to the myGov user audit.

myGov is Australia’s largest authenticated digital platform. myGov provides essential functions to help people access government services online.

The myGov user audit will consider the user experience, functions and performance of myGov, within the context of a large and complex whole-of-government services ecosystem.

The panel will deliver a recommendation to government to:

  • inform the future design and direction of myGov
  • support more personalised and intuitive government services for Australians.

Panel members

An expert panel will oversee the user audit.


  • David Thodey AO.

Panel members:

  • Edward Santow, Professor Emily Banks AM, Amit Singh, Julie Inman Grant.

The Hon Bill Shorten MP, Minister for Government Services will attend key panel meetings.

The panel Chair will regularly consult with Minister Shorten.

The panel will be supported by an Australian Public Service (APS) Senior Executive and Secretariat.

Timeframe and approach

The audit will commence in September 2022 and conclude by December 2022.

The panel will consider:

  1. current and potential future customer needs and expectations of government services, including across jurisdictions
  2. barriers to providing a consistent whole of government(s) user experience which enables citizens to access services quickly and easily without needing to understand how government is structured or having to provide the same information multiple times
  3. how myGov has performed to date, including usability and availability, and the improvements delivered and planned through the Enhanced myGov program
  4. existing analysis and research completed on myGov and wider digital delivery of government services, including the findings of the Independent Review of the Australian Public Service and Australia’s digital government strategies
  5. how myGov operates within the whole-of-government digital and service delivery ecosystem, including Digital Identity and other government apps and online services, and what services, capabilities or customer experiences that could integrate with myGov in future
  6. global best practice in digital service delivery in the private and public sectors.

The panel will provide recommendations on:

  1. the future user experience and functions of myGov as a trusted, secure and seamless experience for accessing government services for all Australians, including at key transitions in their lives
  2. the technology and service delivery principles and direction to enable myGov to scale, integrate and interoperate across government(s)
  3. supporting the delivery of the future state, including:
    1. what commitments government should make to citizens about services provided through myGov, and
    2. approaches to planning, prioritisation, standards, accountabilities, governance and funding.
  4. short, medium and long term priorities, including the scope of the Enhanced myGov Program.

Consultation and engagement

Engagement with users, jurisdictions, the Australian Public Service and peak bodies will inform the recommendations.


A report will be provided to the Minister for Government Services and the Minister for Finance by December 2022.