myGov security codes information


myGov security codes can be used to access your account instead of secret questions and answers and provide your account with an additional layer of security.

If you have a mobile phone and reliable mobile reception, we recommend that you set up and use myGov security codes on your myGov account. myGov security codes require an Australian or Norfolk Island mobile phone number.

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How myGov security codes work

We will send a single use code to your mobile phone number by SMS each time you sign in to your myGov account. You must enter this code to complete your sign in.

To set up your account to receive security codes, simply sign in to your myGov account and follow the prompts.

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If you have connected an ABN to your myGov account

You will need to turn on security codes to use Manage ABN Connections in your myGov account.

Together with a linked Profile member service (Medicare, Australian Taxation Office or Centrelink), you will be able to access a range of government business online services using your myGov username and password.

If you can't access your mobile

If you use myGov security codes and lose access to your mobile phone recorded on your myGov account, you will not be able to access your myGov account and will need to contact us at the myGov helpdesk for assistance in creating a new myGov account.

Travelling overseas with myGov security codes

If you are planning on travelling overseas you will still be able to receive a code as long as:

  • you take your registered mobile phone number with you
  • your telephone service provider has enabled you to receive SMS while outside of Australia
  • you are connected to a mobile phone network that your telephone service provider is compatible with

If you are not able to receive myGov security codes overseas, consider switching them off before your departure. Access to your account will not be possible if you are unable to receive the SMS myGov sends you when you sign in.

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