Find government payments and services

  • Raising kids

    Help when having a baby, as kids go through school and when parents separate.
  • Person contemplating thoughts looking out a window

    Living arrangements

    Information to help with housing, natural disasters, family and domestic violence, online crime and travelling to and from Australia.
  • Ageing

    Help when retiring, getting older and accessing aged care services.
  • A young person with dark hair in an apron, holding a tea towel, working in a restaurant or cafe


    Help when recently unemployed, looking for work and when returning to work after a break.
  • Three young children in school uniforms with backpacks on using a pedestrian crossing to get to school


    Help to find a course or apprenticeship, manage current study or upgrading professional skills.
  • A young person in a specialised wheelchair using chair controls and laptop to engage with people online

    Health and disability

    Find out what help and support is available for people with illness, injury or disability.