Digital Commonwealth statutory declaration

Create a digital Commonwealth statutory declaration in myGov using your Digital Identity.

A statutory declaration is a statement of facts you declare to be true and accurate. It can be used as evidence.

There are many reasons you may need to create a statutory declaration. Some common reasons include:

  • visa applications
  • insurance claims
  • superannuation claims
  • employment and leave.

If you write something in a statutory declaration and you know it’s not true, you can be charged with a criminal offence. Find out more about what happens if you make a false statement in your declaration, on the Attorney-General’s Department (AGD) website.

Watch this video to learn more about Digital Commonwealth statutory declarations in myGov.

Types of statutory declarations

There are two types of statutory declarations:

  • a Commonwealth statutory declaration
  • state and territory declarations.

Generally, the statutory declaration you need to complete depends on the location and subject of the declaration.

Commonwealth statutory declarations are for matters concerning federal legislation or matters in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

State and territory statutory declarations are for local or state managed matters such as drivers’ licences or road tolls.

Commonwealth statutory declarations

There are 3 options to complete a Commonwealth statutory declaration:

How to create a digital Commonwealth statutory declaration through myGov

You can create and download a digital Commonwealth statutory declaration in English using the myGov website or the myGov app.

We use Digital Identity to verify your identity and ensure your declaration is legally binding without the need for a physical witness.

Before you create a declaration

There are a few things you need to check before you create a digital Commonwealth statutory declaration through myGov:

Create a myGov account if you don’t have one

If you don’t have a myGov account, follow the steps to create a myGov account.

Get a Digital Identity and connect it to myGov

Check your Digital Identity name

  • myGov will use the name in your Digital Identity to create the declaration. You can’t enter another name and you can’t create a declaration on behalf of someone else.
  • If you need to update your name in your Digital Identity, you need to do this in the myGovID app. If you consent to share your details with myGov, the new name will appear the next time you verify with Digital Identity.
  • Find out how to update your Digital Identity name on the myGovID website.

Make sure you have somewhere secure to save the declaration

myGov won’t save the declaration or the details within it. You need to download the declaration PDF and store it on your device.

Create a Commonwealth statutory declaration

Follow these steps to create a digital Commonwealth statutory declaration through myGov:

  1. Sign in to myGov using your Digital Identity. Select Continue with Digital Identity.
  2. Select myGovID as your Identity Provider.
  3. Enter your myGovID email address, then select Login.
  4. A 4-digit code will appear on the login screen. Log in to your myGovID app using your 10-character password, fingerprint or face and enter or accept the 4-digit code in your myGovID app.
  5. Select Get started, in myGov.
  6. Enter your address and occupation.
  7. Enter your email (optional) and phone number (optional).
  8. Enter your declaration. Start each paragraph with a number and write in first person.
  9. Enter the location you are creating the declaration. Select Next.
  10. Review the declaration. If the information is correct, select Sign document.
  11. You can draw, type or upload a photo of your signature. Once you’ve completed your preferred option, select Done.
  12. Read the information about creating a false declaration. If you agree, select the check box.
  13. Select Create declaration.
  14. Select Download PDF. Save the PDF document to your device. myGov will not store the declaration or the details within it after you exit.
  15. You’ve now created and downloaded your digital Commonwealth statutory declaration. You can share and print the PDF.

If you need to create another declaration, you’ll need to verify with your Digital Identity again.

Your myGov account history will log the date you created a declaration and a document ID. Find out how to view your account history.

The declaration contains a QR code on each page to help third parties verify the declaration is genuine and valid. When a third party scans the QR code using the QR scanner in the myGov app, they can see all the information in the statutory declaration. Find out more about using QR codes in the myGov app.

Commonwealth statutory declaration form

You can download the Commonwealth statutory declaration form as a PDF or Word document from the AGD website. Print and complete the form.

You must have this witnessed in person. Find out about who can witness your Commonwealth statutory declaration on the AGD website.

Electronic execution form

You can complete a Commonwealth statutory declaration for electronic execution on the AGD website, or download it and complete it.

You must have it witnessed in person or through video link on the AGD website.

Find out about who can witness your Commonwealth statutory declaration on the AGD website.

Find out about how the approved witness can observe you signing the statutory declaration using audio visual technology on the AGD website.

Page last updated: 25 June 2024