Securing your documents

You should take steps to protect your important documents. This could include saving digital copies as back-ups.

Important documents may include:

  • birth or marriage certificates
  • passports
  • driver licences
  • wills and other legal documents
  • Medicare cards
  • insurance policies.

Find out more about securely storing important documents on the Moneysmart website.

Get a digital Medicare card

If you’re enrolled in Medicare, you can get a digital copy of your Medicare card. Find out how to get a digital card on the Services Australia website.

Get a digital licence

Some states allow you to use digital licences, including driver licences, as a feature in their app. Find out more about how to:

Create a Digital Identity

Digital Identity is a secure and easy way to prove who you are when you access government services online. This means you won’t have to provide documents every time. Find out more about Digital Identity.

Page last updated: 14 April 2023