Moving home

How to tell government and others when you move house and need to update your address.

Updating your home address with government

Telling the government your new address may not be the first thing on your mind if you’ve just moved.

If you get a Centrelink payment, you need to tell Services Australia within 14 days that you’ve moved. Find out about moving house on the Services Australia website.

You can update your address online using myGov. When you update your address in myGov you can ask to share this with your linked services like Medicare and others.

Update your address in myGov

If you have a myGov account, sign in now to update your address.

Follow these steps to update your address:

  1. Select My account, then Profile, then Contact details.
  2. Select Edit to update your new address.
  3. Select the linked services to share your update with.
  4. Enter your new address and the date you moved and select Update.

Find out which linked services will get your new address when you update your details in myGov.

Updating your vehicle registration and licence

You need to update your address for your vehicle registration and driver licence when you move. Find out how to update your vehicle and driver licence in your state or territory.

These links will take you away from myGov.


Update your contact details


Changing your name or address


Change your personal details


Update your personal details


Update your details


Change your name or address


Change your address


Change my address

Updating your address to vote

It’s important to update your address with the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC). Then when it’s time to vote, your details are correct and you’ll hear about upcoming elections.

When you update your address with the AEC, this will apply for all federal, state, territory and local government elections.

Find out how to update your details on the AEC website.

Redirect your mail

You can ask Australia Post to redirect your mail to a new address for a certain amount of time. You have to pay for this service, but you may get a discount if you have a concession card. Australia Post can also tell some other organisations, such as your bank or energy supplier, you’ve moved if you want them to.

Find out how to redirect mail on the Australia Post website.

Page last updated: 29 April 2024