Your child’s behaviour and learning

As your child grows, there’s resources you can use to support their learning and manage behaviour.

Managing your child’s behaviour

There are many different behaviour management strategies you can use with your child. You might want:

  • your child to cooperate more
  • advice to help your child calm down 
  • to learn about parenting strategies.

Find out more about behaviour management tips and tools on the Raising Children website. 

You can also find out about positive relationships for parents and children on the Raising Children website.

Supporting your child’s learning

Supporting your child’s learning can help them get the most out of their education.

You can support their learning by:

  • encouraging them to do their homework
  • making sure your child attends school
  • having a strong relationship with your child’s school
  • helping them with their literacy and numeracy at home.

Find out more about school and learning or schools, teachers and parents: building strong relationships on the Raising Children website.

Having a positive impact on your child’s future starts at a young age. Find out more about little ripples on the Your Career website.

School and learning resources

Find out more about the programs schools use and get advice and guidance.

  • Support for school students

    Find programs to support your child’s learning and wellbeing on the Department of Education website.
  • Student Wellbeing Hub

    The Student Wellbeing Hub has advice on bullying, online safety and forming positive relationships.
  • Learning Potential

    The Learning Potential website has resources to help support your child’s learning.
  • Mathematics Hub

    The Mathematics Hub has resources to help your child learn mathematics at home.
  • Literacy Hub

    The Literacy Hub has resources to help your child with literacy skills and knowledge at home.
  • Raising Children Network

    The Raising Children Network has information for parents who have school age children.

Get advice and support

There are services available if you need help with your parenting, or just want to talk about a parenting issue. Find parent helplines and hotlines or parent and family services listed on the Raising Children website.

Page last updated: 23 August 2023