Get help to apply for jobs

There are many resources available to help you apply for jobs.

Resources that can help

Using employment services

When you claim an income support payment from Services Australia, you may be referred to an employment services provider who can help you:

  • write resumes
  • look for work
  • prepare for interviews
  • build your skills.

Employment services providers can also assist you with programs, training, work experience and activities to develop the skills employers want.

You don’t have to get a payment from Services Australia to use the Workforce Australia website. If you register online with Workforce Australia, you can get access to:

  • advanced job search
  • a resume builder tool
  • a profile highlighting your skills for businesses to view
  • job alerts that match your profile
  • job switch, a tool to match you with new jobs and industries you hadn't thought of
  • online courses and training.

Using Workforce Australia

You can view education and training options on the website to help you get the skills you need to find, apply for and secure a job.

Using Workforce Australia linked to your myGov account

You can use the Workforce Australia website linked to your myGov to look for work, report your requirements or access information and tools to help you get a job.

Writing resumes and cover letters

Get tips on how to write a resume and cover letter. These links will take you away from myGov.

Submitting an application

Most job listings will specify how to submit your application. Common ways of submitting an application are:

  • sending an attachment by email
  • uploading the application through an online portal
  • submitting the application in person
  • getting a third party, such as a recruiter, to submit the application.

Job interviews

Interviews may be conducted in person, on the phone or using video chat. Some employers may want to interview you more than once.

You can find advice on how to prepare and stand out during a job interview, on the Workforce Australia website.

Page last updated: 5 March 2024