Replace stolen identity documents

You may wish to replace your identity documents if they’ve been stolen or exposed in a data breach.

Medicare card

If your Medicare card details were stolen or exposed, you can get a free replacement Medicare card. You can find out how to get a replacement or new Medicare card on the Services Australia website.

Tax file number

Tell the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) as soon as you can if you think someone stole your tax file number. Get help for identity theft on the ATO website.

Driver licence or proof of identity card

Driver licence

You should replace your driver licence if both your card number and licence number have been compromised. If only your licence number has been compromised, you may not need to replace it. Check the advice from your state or territory.

Find out more by visiting your state or territory government website. These links will take you away from myGov.

State or territory Resource


Renew or replace your driver licence


Replace a NSW driver licence online


Replace your driver licence card if lost, stolen or damaged


Replacing your licence online or in person


Apply for a new licence and number due to identity theft


Apply to replace a driver licence


Replace your licence or learner permit


Replace my licence

Proof of identity card

There is usually a cost to replace your proof of age card, or photo card. Before you apply, check that your old card number will be changed.

Find out more by visiting your state or territory government website. These links will take you away from myGov.

State or territory Resource
ACT Proof of identity and residency
NSW Replace a lost, stolen or damaged photo card
NT Apply for NT evidence of age card
Qld Photo identification card
SA Apply for a proof of age card
Tas Apply for, renew or replace a personal information card
Vic Get a Proof of Age card
WA WA Photo Card

Find out how to replace, or get a new, Keypass ID on the Australia Post website.

Replacing your card may not stop your old card number being misused. You may have accounts where you use this card to prove your identity. Ask your account provider about more security. For example, you could set up multi-factor authentication for your bank account. Learn more about how to protect your online accounts.


Australian passport

If your Australian travel document is involved in a data breach, you can still use it for travel. However, you may choose to cancel or replace it to protect yourself against identity fraud.

If your physical passport is stolen or lost, you must report it as soon as possible.

Find out more about data breaches and lost and stolen passports on the Australian Passport Office website.

Non-Australian passport

You can seek advice from the country that issued the passport. You can find foreign embassies and consulates in Australia on the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website.

Page last updated: 29 April 2024