Finding child care

There are tools to help you find a child care service and explore help with fees.

It’s a good idea to start looking at child care early, as many services have waiting lists. Knowing the days and hours you need will help with your search.

Different types of child care

Consider what type of service is best for your family.

Child care centres provide long day care. They’re usually open Monday to Friday, for at least 8 hours a day. You can contact your provider to find out about their opening hours.

Family day care providers offer care in their homes to small groups of children.

Find out more about choosing the right type for your family on the Raising Children website.

Find a service

Use the find child care tool on the Starting Blocks website to find services near you. 

When you’re choosing a service, you may consider their service quality rating. You can also ask to visit the service. Find tips on choosing a children’s education and care service on the Starting Blocks website.

Once you’ve found your preferred service, you may need to join a waitlist. Some services charge waitlist fees.

Calculate child care fees

Child care services charge an hourly or daily fee. You may be able to get Child Care Subsidy to reduce the fees you pay. Services Australia pays the subsidy direct to the child care service.

You can use the Child Care Subsidy Calculator on the Starting Blocks website to find out how much child care might cost.

Help in your language

There is translated information about Child Care Subsidy on the Services Australia website.

Page last updated: 27 March 2024