Link HousingVic Online Services

HousingVic Online Services provides information about housing and housing assistance in Victoria.

This information is for public housing renters, potential social housing renters and anyone wanting to know about housing services in Victoria.

Find out more about HousingVic on the HousingVic website.

How to link HousingVic Online Services to your myGov account

Follow these steps to link HousingVic Online Services to myGov:

  1. Sign in to myGov.
  2. Go to View and link services.
  3. Select Link on the HousingVic online services tile.
  4. On your myGov Dashboard select HousingVic Online Services.
  5. Register for online services on the HousingVic Online Services website.

When you complete the online identity verification process, you can access all HousingVic online services.

If you don’t complete the process, you'll only be able to apply for social housing or a RentAssist bond loan.

What you can do when you link

When you link myGov to HousingVic Online Services you can:

  • apply for a RentAssist bond loan
  • apply for public and community housing
  • view and save applications
  • apply for a transfer if you are already a Victorian social housing renter.

If you're unable to link

If you can’t link a service to your myGov account, contact the service for help.