Recovering from a natural disaster

If you’ve been affected by a natural disaster, there’s information and support to help you recover.

Find help in your area

There are resources to help you find services such as housing, food, medical help and help with everyday things. These links will take you away from myGov.

  • Recovery Connect

    Search for services and support by disaster and assistance type on the Recovery Connect website.
  • Ask Izzy

    Search over 400,000 support services on the Ask Izzy website.
  • Register. Find. Reunite

    Register that you’re safe with the Australian Red Cross to help your loved ones find you.
  • Disaster Relief

    Support and resources to help your business recover.

Find a Recovery Support Officer

Recovery Support Officers are experienced in the process of recovering from natural disasters and can offer you help and advice with your recovery. You can find them all over Australia.

You can find a Recovery Support Officer on the National Emergency Management Agency website.

Replace identity documents

If your identity documents or cards are lost, destroyed or damaged, you can get new ones.

Make a recovery plan

There’s support and resources to help you plan your recovery after a natural disaster. These links will take you away from myGov.

Mental health support

If you’re in crisis and need support, there are services that can help. Some of these links will take you away from myGov.

Page last updated: 8 March 2024