Where to start when you’re separating

Find out where to get started when separating from a partner.

Separating checklist

If you’re in the process of separating from your partner, here are some things to consider, if it’s safe to do so:

  • updating your personal details with your bank, utility, internet and telephone companies
  • discussing your child's care and living arrangements
  • discussing dividing assets and property
  • updating your superannuation beneficiaries and will
  • updating the passwords to your myGov account and Express Plus apps
  • updating or getting your own Medicare card
  • getting a bank account in your own name.

Find a comprehensive divorce and separation checklist on the Moneysmart website.

Separation agreements

You can get help and information from professionals about reaching an agreement with your ex-partner after you separate.

amica is an online service that helps couples work out separation agreements for parenting, property and money. It’s free to enter your details and get information on what to consider when reaching an agreement. If you decide to complete and download a written agreement, amica will charge you a fee.

If you get an income support payment, it’s free to complete and download a written agreement through amica. Find out about income support payments on the Services Australia website.

Find out if amica is right for you on the amica website.

Mediation and dispute resolution

If you have a dispute about your separation arrangements, you can consider getting a Family Dispute Resolution practitioner to help to mediate an outcome. You can find an accredited Family Dispute Resolution practitioner in your area on the Family Dispute Resolution Register website.

You can also go to a Family Relationship Centre – they offer individual sessions and information to help you during separation. Some services may be free and some may cost money depending on your circumstances.

You can find more information about family mediation and dispute resolution and Family Relationship Centres on the Family Relationships Online website.

Updating your information with Services Australia

You’ll need to let Services Australia know of any changes to your circumstances. Find out how to let them know on the Services Australia website.

What to do next

Get help to understand your rights as a parent and what to do after you’ve separated.

Page last updated: 10 November 2023