Your family’s wellbeing

There’s support to help you with parenting and to make sure you’re looking after yourself too.

Child safety

There’s a lot of things to think about when it comes to keeping your child safe. They need a safe and healthy environment to thrive.

Find out more about child safety at home for younger children on the Raising Children website.

You can also teach your child how to stay safe online.

Parenting resources

The Raising Children website provides free, reliable, up to date and independent parenting information.

On the Raising Children Network website, you can find:

Looking after yourself

Looking after yourself physically, mentally and emotionally is good for you and your children. Find out more about looking after yourself on the Raising Children website.

There's free support and information available to help you with mental health. Find out more about getting mental health support.

Separating from your partner

If you’re separating from your partner, you may need to:

Find out more about separating.

Experiencing family and domestic violence

Family and domestic violence can affect anyone, in any type of relationship. Children witnessing violence is also a threat to their safety.

You can get help if you’re experiencing family and domestic violence.

You may be able to get payments, such as Crisis Payment, and there are people you can talk to. Find out more about Crisis Payment for Extreme Circumstances Family and Domestic Violence on the Services Australia website.

Page last updated: 10 November 2023