Finding lost money

You may have money waiting for you from bank accounts, investments, lost super or Medicare benefits.

Lost money from bank accounts, investments and insurance policies

You can lose money when you move and forget to update your address with a financial institution. This could be money from bank accounts, shares, investments or life insurance policies.

Find out how to find unclaimed money on the Moneysmart website.

Unpaid Medicare benefits

If your bank details with Medicare are not up to date, Medicare won't be able to pay your benefit. You could also have unpaid Medicare benefits if you haven’t added a bank account since you turned 14.

You can update your bank details in your Medicare account through myGov. Once you've done this, Medicare will pay any unpaid benefits within 3 days.

If your Medicare account is linked to myGov, sign in now to update your bank details.

Follow these steps to check or update your bank details:

  1. Select My Details from the menu, then select View and edit my details.
  2. Scroll to bank details and select Edit.
  3. Update your details and select Save bank details.

If you don’t have a myGov account, find out how to create one and link to Medicare.

Finding lost super

If you’ve changed your name, address, job or lived overseas, you may have lost track of your super. You can search for lost super in Australian Taxation Office online services through myGov. Find out how to find lost super.

Page last updated: 26 March 2024