Create a myGov account

Find out how to create a myGov account.

How to create a myGov account

Here are the steps to create a myGov account:

  1. Go to myGov and select Create account
  2. Select Continue with email.
  3. Read the privacy notice and Terms of use. If you understand and agree to the Terms of use, select Next.
  4. Enter an Email address and select Next
  5. Enter the Code sent to your email, then select Next.
  6. Enter your Mobile number (optional) and select Next
  7. Enter the Code sent to your mobile phone and select Next
  8. Enter a Password and then Re-enter password
  9. Create your 3 Secret questions and answers. Choose from the list or create your own.

If you need more help, go to detailed steps on how to create a myGov account.

Watch this video to learn how to create a myGov account.

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How to link services to your myGov account

Get the steps to link these government services.

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Page last updated: 19 January 2024