Using the myGov app

Find out what you can do in the myGov app.

The first time you open the app you will be offered guided help to explore the myGov app. If you don’t want to do this, select the Close icon.

What you can do in the app

You can use the app to:

  • view and manage your myGov Inbox
  • store some government digital cards and certificates in the myGov wallet
  • link and access your linked government services
  • manage your myGov account settings.

View and manage your myGov Inbox messages

You can:

  • view, search and delete your myGov Inbox messages
  • create folders and move messages between folders.

Store government digital cards and certificates in the myGov wallet

You can store some government digital cards and certificates in the wallet.

You can add these items to your wallet:

  • Medicare cards
  • Centrelink concession and health care cards
  • International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate.

We will add more cards and certificates in future.

The wallet helps us strengthen the security of government digital cards and certificates. The items you can store in the wallet have protections against fraud and theft.

Items in the wallet have a QR code on them. Providers can scan this code to check the wallet item is genuine and valid.

It may take some time before all providers are ready to accept digital cards from the myGov app. It’s a good idea to carry your physical cards with you.

Access your linked services

Your myGov linked services will display on the Services screen. You can link and unlink services in the app. Find out how to link services in the app.

Manage your myGov account settings

You can view and manage some account settings in the app.

Account details

You can:

  • view your profile
  • select your preferred name
  • view your myGov account history
  • manage your connected devices
  • close your myGov account.

Sign in options

You can manage and change how you sign in to the myGov app. You can manage:

  • your username
  • Digital Identity
  • your myGov app PIN
  • fingerprint or face recognition.

Find out how to update your sign in details in the myGov app.

Notifications settings

Manage Inbox notifications in the app.

You can:

  • select how you get Inbox notifications using push notification, SMS or email
  • show the service name in your Inbox notifications.

If you choose to get push notifications, you'll need to turn on notifications from your device settings. If you turn them off from your device settings, make sure you update your notification option in your app as well.

Find out how to update your notifications in the myGov app.

You can update all other account settings on the myGov website.

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Page last updated: 9 April 2024