Detailed steps on how to create a myGov account

Get the detailed step by step instructions on how to create a myGov account.

Step 1: create an account

Go to myGov and select Create a myGov account.

Step 2: choose how to create your myGov account

Select Continue with email.

Step 3: agree to Terms of use

Read the Terms of use. If you agree to the terms, select I agree. Select Cancel to go exit.

Step 4: enter an email address

Enter your email address, then select Next. Enter the code sent to your email then select Next.

Each myGov account must have a unique email address. The same email can’t be used for two myGov accounts. If you share an email address with someone, only one of you can use it to create a myGov account.

Step 5: enter a mobile number

Enter your mobile number, then select Next. Enter the code sent to your mobile number and select Next.

This step is optional, if you don’t have access to a mobile phone or mobile reception, select skip this step.

Step 6: create a password

Enter a Password, re-enter the password, then select Next.

Your password must:

  • have between 10 and 64 characters
  • include at least 1 letter
  • include at least 1 number
  • not be the same as a password you've used before
  • not use the same character repeatedly or have any sequential characters such as AAAA or 1234.

Your password can have spaces and any of the following characters: ! @ # $ % ^ & *

Passwords are case sensitive.

Step 7: create secret questions and answers

Secret questions and answers help keep your account secure. We'll ask you to create 3 questions and answers only you can answer.

Choose a question from the list or select Write my own question. Make sure your answers are easy for you to remember.

Select Next after you enter your answer.

Repeat this step to create questions 2 and 3.

Step 8: use your myGov account

You’ve created a myGov account. Your myGov username will display on the screen. We’ll also email it to you. Select Continue to myGov.

For your privacy and security, always select Sign out when you have finished using your myGov account.

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Page last updated: 25 October 2023