Use a code sent by SMS

Turn on Get a code by SMS as your sign in option and what to do if your mobile number changes.

You can use a 6 digit code sent to you by SMS as your second sign in option for myGov.

If you want to use this option, you need to add your mobile number to your myGov account.

Turn on Get a code by SMS option:

Follow these steps to turn on Get a code by SMS:

  1. Sign in to your myGov account.
  2. From the My account drop down menu, select Account settings.
  3. From Sign in settings go to Sign in options and select Edit.
  4. Enter your password, then select Next.
  5. Use the toggle to switch the option Get a code by SMS to On, then select Continue. The mobile number registered to your myGov account will display. Make sure it’s correct, then select Send code. Select I want my SMS codes sent to a different mobile number if you want to update your mobile number.
  6. We’ll send a 6 digit code to your mobile number. Enter the code, then select Confirm.

You’ll be taken back to the Sign in options page. Get a code by SMS will now be turned on.

If you get a new mobile number

If you sign in to myGov using your new phone number, the code sent by SMS will be sent to your old phone number.

Make sure you have access to the phone number registered to your myGov account to get the code sent by SMS. This means you can sign in and update your account with your new number.

If you don’t have access to your old number to sign in, you can sign in to myGov using Digital Identity or create a new myGov account.

If you need to create a new myGov account, the myGov helpdesk can release your email address if you want to use the same one.

Update or add your mobile number

To add or update your mobile phone number, go to Account settings, then Contact Details and Add or Edit your mobile number.

If you’re travelling overseas

To sign in using a code sent by SMS while you’re overseas, you'll need to do all of these:

  • use the same mobile phone number registered to your myGov account
  • enable international roaming on your Australian mobile phone number registered to your myGov account
  • connect to a mobile phone network compatible with your phone service provider.

You can find out more about using your mobile overseas on the Australian Communication and Media Authority website.

myGov sign in help

If you can’t sign in to your myGov account, you can find troubleshooting tips on sign in help.

Page last updated: 25 October 2023