myGov privacy notice

Our privacy notice explains how we collect, hold, use and disclose personal information.

It was last updated in April 2024.

myGov is an online digital service run by Services Australia on behalf of the Australian Government. We refer to Services Australia as 'we' or 'us' in this privacy notice.

We also manage the myGov app which is a way to access myGov that you can download to your personal device.

It’s your decision to:

  • download and use the app
  • provide myGov or a linked service with information when using the app.

It’s your responsibility to protect information on your device from loss or misuse.

The app may store information you provide or that is provided to you on your device.

To use the app, you must agree to the app terms of use and the myGov terms of use. 

Separate privacy notices apply to the services you link to your myGov account. When you access a linked service through myGov, you leave myGov and go to their website.

When you link your myGov account to a service, the linked service may:

  • collect your personal information from myGov
  • use and disclose your personal information to myGov as set out in this privacy notice, to the extent those actions relate to myGov.

Digital Identity and your privacy

You can connect your Digital Identity to myGov or use it to create a myGov account.

We manage information related to your Digital Identity in our capacity as:

  • a Relying Party (myGov)
  • an attribute service provider (myGov).

Relying Party

For Digital Identity, myGov is a Relying Party that participates in the Australian Govenrment’s Digital ID system by providing services to you.

myGov allows the use of a Digital ID to create or sign into your myGov account, as well as use the trusted credential to recover access to your account.

Attribute service provider

myGov is an accredited attribute service provider of the Australian Government’s Digital ID System, a federated digital identity system.

Attributes are information about you such as your current or previous name, your tax file number, your Medicare number or your driver licence number.

As an attribute service provider, myGov will generate and manage information about an individual, business or organisation. This information is used to link a myGov account to a myGov service as requested.

There are strict rules that manage what myGov can do as an attribute service provider. The federated digital Digital ID System is underpinned by the Trusted Digital Identity Framework (TDIF). TDIF accredited participants must undergo a series of strict assurance evaluations. These include but aren’t limited to:

  • accessibility and usability
  • privacy protection
  • security and fraud control
  • risk management
  • technical integrity.

The TDIF role requirements for myGov do not replace, remove or change existing obligations followed through other policies, legislation or regulations, or by any other means. Instead, these TDIF role requirements add to existing obligations.

You can stop the collection of your personal information related to Digital Identity by disconnecting your Digital Identity.

If you used your Digital Identity to create your myGov account, disconnecting your Digital Identity will close your myGov account.

Digital Identity exchange

You can find out more about how the Digital Identity system handles your personal information on the Digital Identity website.

Services Australia and your privacy

The Services Australia privacy policy on our website explains how we handle your personal information. This includes how:

  • you can access personal information held by Services Australia
  • you can seek the correction of that information
  • you can complain about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles
  • Services Australia will respond to a complaint.

Page last updated: 16 April 2024