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Information about this site and how myGov is changing.

On 5 September, we updated myGov.

You can still:

  • sign in using the same sign in details
  • find your linked services. You don’t need to set them up again.

We’ll continue to make improvements to myGov to make it easier for you to access government information and services.

myGov is run by Services Australia.

How we’re improving your myGov account

We’ve upgraded your myGov personalised homepage to make it easier to view, manage and update your information.

We’ll keep making myGov better by:

  • personalising and tailoring information to help you access what you need, when you need it
  • adding new features to myGov that are better designed and simpler to use
  • improving how you can use myGov to share information with your linked services.

myGov remains a secure way to transact with government.

How we’re improving government information

We’re working across government to develop information about government payments and services. We have arranged the information around events that happen in life, rather than government structures. We also write information in plain English to make it easier to read and understand.

You can find information in myGov to help you:

  • learn what support is available 
  • access government payments and services.

You’ll find this new information by selecting explore or browse from anywhere in myGov.

We don’t have information about all government services yet. We will continue to add more content to myGov. This includes further improvements to meet the diverse needs of myGov users.

Give us feedback

You can use our short survey to help us improve myGov.

Community resources

We have information to help intermediaries, community and advocacy groups inform people in their community about myGov.

Learn more about our community resources.

myGov user audit

A myGov user audit is underway from September to December 2022.

The audit is led by an independent panel who will report to government about the future direction of myGov.

You can read more about the myGov user audit including how you can contribute.

Security vulnerability disclosure

If you believe you have found a potential security vulnerability within ICT systems operated by Services Australia, including myGov, report it to us. 

How to make a report

To report a potential security vulnerability, email

Please include enough detail so we can replicate your steps.

We ask you to maintain confidentiality. Please do not make your research public while we are investigating the vulnerability.

We will handle your report confidentially in line with the Services Australia Privacy policy.

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You can also ask us general questions and share myGov tweets.