A free and voluntary service to pay bills and expenses as regular deductions from your Centrelink payments.

You can pay your regular bills and other expenses such as rent, electricity and phone by setting up a Centrepay deduction.

With your consent, Services Australia will take money from your payment before you get it and send it to the business you want to pay.

You can start, change or stop using Centrepay whenever you like.

Find out more about Centrepay on the Services Australia website.

Who can use it

Almost everyone who gets a regular payment from Services Australia can use Centrepay for free.

You can’t use Centrepay with some payments. These include:

  • ABSTUDY, excluding Basic Living Allowance
  • Child Care Subsidy
  • Dad and Partner Pay
  • Parental Leave Pay paid by employers for Paid Parental Leave
  • Farm Household Allowance
  • advance payments, excluding Family Tax Benefit advances
  • Status Resolution Support Services Payment.

There is a full list of payments you can’t use Centrepay for on the Services Australia website.

How to use it

You can find out all of the following on the Services Australia website:

Set up Centrepay online

You'll need to link Centrelink to your myGov account, if you haven’t already.

If you don’t have a myGov account

Follow the steps to create a myGov account. After you’ve created one, you can link services to your account.

If you can’t do it online

You can:

  • ask the business you want to pay to set up a Centrepay deduction
  • call your regular payment line on the Services Australia website
  • ask a Service Officer at a Services Australia service centre to help you set one up.

Help in your language

Call the Centrelink multilingual phone service on 131 202 to speak with someone in your language. Centrelink will be closed on:

  • Monday 25 December 2023
  • Tuesday 26 December 2023
  • Wednesday 27 December 2023
  • Monday 1 January 2024.

Find information in more languages about Centrelink on the Services Australia website.

Page last updated: 30 November 2023