How we protect your myGov account

We use Australian Government best practice security standards to keep your details secure.

Your personal details are secure when you use your myGov account. We use Australian Government best practice security standards to keep your details secure and prevent unauthorised access to your account.

How we protect you

Security is central in everything we do. We have many strong security processes and protections in place across our digital platforms. The table below outlines just some of the measures we take to protect your details.

Security measure How it works
Multi-Factor Authentication To sign in to myGov, you need to enter your username and password, and either:
  • a code sent by SMS
  • a code from the myGov Code Generator app
  • an answer to a secret question
  • your myGov app PIN if you’re using the myGov app.
Digital Identity option You have the option to sign in to myGov using your secure Digital Identity. Digital Identity offers a strong level of security to protect your account.
Biometric option If you have fingerprint or face recognition set up on your device, you can use it to sign in to the myGov app.
Lockouts If your password is entered wrong 5 times in a row, we lock your account for 2 hours. If it’s entered wrong 4 more times in a row, we lock it permanently.
Encryption Your details are securely encrypted and stored in Australia. We only share them with your linked services with your consent. They are protected by strict security protocols.
Time outs If you don’t sign out of your myGov account, it will automatically sign out after 15 minutes.
Notifications We’ll notify you if your account is updated. This is so you can confirm it was you who updated your account.
Monitoring staff access Only trained and authorised staff can access your details. All staff access is monitored.

Access to your details

Only authorised staff from Services Australia can access your myGov details. They’re trained in privacy and security and are bound by the Code of Conduct under the Public Service Act 1999. You can find the Public Service Act 1999 on the Federal Register of Legislation website.

We monitor all staff access to your myGov account. If any staff commit a criminal offence, they can be prosecuted and penalised.